MP-60 Pendant Microphone


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  1. My voice sounds muffled. What should I do? [ Answer
  2. Two different types of AA batteries were included with the AP-60. Which batteries belong in the remote, and which belong in the microphone? [ Answer
  3. Which should I set up first: the pendant microphone or the line audio sources? [ Answer
  4. What should I do if there is too much microphone feedback? [ Answer
  5. Why do I hear a scratching sound when I move? [ Answer
  6. Will the microphone cause or be affected by cross-talk or other interference from adjacent classrooms? [ Answer
  7. Can I purchase an additional pendant microphone? [ Answer
  8. How do I set up the AP-60 for the best audio performance? [ Answer
  9. How should I position the pendant microphone to achieve the best sound quality? [ Answer
  10. Why is the power button on the microphone orange instead of green? [ Answer

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