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  1. How do I use Epson iron-on transfers? [ Answer
  2. What are the minimum requirements to use this printer with a PC? [ Answer
  3. How can I increase my print speed? [ Answer
  4. If I want to clear the printer's memory, what should I do? [ Answer
  5. My printer's control panel locks up after I print a document from Windows. The buttons on the panel do not respond unless I disconnect the parallel printer cable from the back of the printer. What's wrong? [ Answer
  6. My printouts are missing color and/or black print. How can I resolve this issue? [ Answer
  7. Why can't I print from a particular Windows application in color? [ Answer
  8. I just replaced an ink cartridge and the printer still won't print correctly. What's wrong? [ Answer
  9. I'm having trouble installing Print Artist? How should I install it correctly? [ Answer
  10. Why does my image look blurry or smeared? [ Answer

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