Epson Stylus Pro 9600 Print Engine with UltraChrome™ Ink


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  1. Why do I receive service-required message 00010005 or 00010006 when I turn on the printer for the first time? [ Answer
  2. Why am I getting a Reload Paper message? [ Answer
  3. What are the recommended Color Management Settings for Photoshop CS 2? [ Answer
  4. What kind of spray coating should I use to protect my canvas prints? [ Answer
  5. How should the printer be prepared for shipment and storage? [ Answer
  6. Why does the printer fail to cut paper when the Auto Cut setting is selected on the printers control panel? [ Answer
  7. How can I share my printer with other users? [ Answer
  8. How much ink does an ink cartridge contain? [ Answer
  9. What steps should I try if I have horizontal banding? [ Answer
  10. Why am I getting the message The ink cartridge combination currently installed in the printer is different from the one installed when the printer was selected in Print Center. Delete the printer from the Printer List in Print Center and then add it again. after I switched black ink modes? [ Answer

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