Epson C823642 (10/100 Base-TX Ethernet Type B with AC)


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  1. NetWare printers cannot be monitored. [ Answer
  2. You are unable to start EPSON Net!2 for Windows. [ Answer
  3. Windows shared printers cannot be monitored. [ Answer
  4. An application error occurs, and NetWare printers cannot be monitored when Allow monitoring is selected for monitoring Windows shared printers under Windows NT 4.0. [ Answer
  5. You cannot print correctly in NDS Print Server mode or NDS Remote Printer mode under Windows 95 or Windows 98. [ Answer
  6. No client except an administrator can print via Windows NT Server 3.51/4.0. [ Answer
  7. Printing continues normally after you cancel this dialog, but the message appears every time you print until you change this setting in Internet Explorer. You cannot print when using EPSON Stylus printers from Windows 95 and Windows 98. [ Answer
  8. The Current Status menu shows the message "A communication error has occurred." [ Answer
  9. Nothing prints even though NetWare clients completed sending the data to the printer. [ Answer
  10. NDS printers cannot be monitored. [ Answer

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