Epson C1440AXIS (AXIS External 10Base-T Print Server)


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  1. When I change Axis print server and give the new box the same name as the old one, then I get an error message "One station tries to use un-encrypted password". [ Answer
  2. How come I cannot print from Windows 95 work stations in a 100Base-T segment going over a Novell NetWare 4.10 server and then to the print server on a 10Base-T segment? [ Answer
  3. Which printers can I use with the Axis print server? [ Answer
  4. When using the Utilities tab in the printer driver the selections do not work correctly ex.. Choose Nozzle Check - the printer prints the nozzle check. Choose Cleaning - the printer goes through it's cleaning cycle. Choose Nozzle check again - nothing prints. [ Answer
  5. Axinstall installs a printer with the name PR1. This is not the correct name, it should be LPT1. How can I change this? [ Answer
  6. How do I Install the Axis software in windows? [ Answer
  7. I get garbage when I print from NetWare, why? [ Answer
  8. Print Server cannot login to NetWare 3.12 File Server because the password is incorrect. Please clear ... [ Answer
  9. Can I use the Epson StylusRip software for the Photo EX and Stylus Color 850 to print through the Axis 1440? [ Answer
  10. How do I configure my Axis 1440 print servers in an all Macintosh environment? [ Answer

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