Epson C823622 (Ethernet Print Server)


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  1. An application error occurs, and NetWare printers cannot be monitored when Allow monitoring is selected for monitoring Windows shared printers under Windows NT 4.0. [ Answer
  2. Nothing prints even though NetWare clients completed sending the data to the printer. [ Answer
  3. Is there anything I need to know before installing my interface? [ Answer
  4. You are unable to make settings using EPSON Net!2 for Intranet. [ Answer
  5. You cannot print correctly in NDS Print Server mode or NDS Remote Printer mode under Windows 95 or Windows 98. [ Answer
  6. The Current Status menu shows the message "A communication error has occurred." [ Answer
  7. NetWare printers cannot be monitored. [ Answer
  8. You can only monitor NetWare printers in Remote Printer mode if the printer port number is set to 0. [ Answer
  9. A dial-up connection dialog box appears when printing with TCP/IP via EPSON Status Monitor 2. [ Answer
  10. You are unable to set the IP address using the arp command. [ Answer

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