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  1. Why am I getting the following message, Image size is too large? [ Answer
  2. My system doesn't recognize the SCSI board (Windows only) [ Answer
  3. The operate light does not come on. [ Answer
  4. Can I scan 110 film with my scanner? [ Answer
  5. Who do I contact for Technical Support of the Software that came with my scanner [ Answer
  6. What are the differences between the Perfection 636 and Perfection 636U? [ Answer
  7. How can I get a replacement CD for my product? [ Answer
  8. Why don't the colors displayed on the monitor match the printed colors? [ Answer
  9. The operate light doesn't come on or blinks slowly. . . [ Answer
  10. I don’t see my scanner in the Devices and Printers folder after I upgraded my computer to Windows 7; I see an EPSON Scanner icon instead. Why? [ Answer

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