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  1. Why is part of my picture missing from the scanned image? [ Answer
  2. Can I use the PhotoPlus as a hand-held scanner? [ Answer
  3. How do I setup the parallel port to work with the scanner? [ Answer
  4. There is a line in my scanned image that is not on the picture. [ Answer
  5. Why does a mesh pattern appear on the scanned image? [ Answer
  6. Can I input additional information other than the fields that are already listed? [ Answer
  7. I can't plug the parallel connector on the scanner into my computer's parallel port. What can I do? [ Answer
  8. I scan a business card in the CardScan program and sometimes the OCR function is not accurate. Can I manually make corrections? [ Answer
  9. Why does my picture keep getting caught on the cable as it feeds through the scanner? [ Answer
  10. Do I have to wait the full 30 seconds for the PhotoPlus to warm up? [ Answer

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