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  1. What resolution should I choose when scanning? [ Answer
  2. Can I scan transparencies with this scanner? [ Answer
  3. Does Epson make drivers for the Unix or Linux platforms? [ Answer
  4. How do I delete an old version of TWAIN if I'm going to install a new version? [ Answer
  5. How do I setup the scanner to work with Windows NT? [ Answer
  6. Is my scanner Kofax VRS certified? If so, what version of the software do I need? [ Answer
  7. Can I connect this scanner with a SCSI cable? [ Answer
  8. Does Epson have a program where I can donate my working computer equipment? [ Answer
  9. How do I remove an old version of TWAIN from my computer? [ Answer
  10. How do I setup the parallel port to work with the scanner? [ Answer

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