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  1. Can I reinstall Film Factory? [ Answer
  2. After a hard drive (or partition) was added/removed, drive names were changed and my roll of film information disappeared. [ Answer
  3. What should I do if I don't like the results after retouching an image? [ Answer
  4. When editing an album page layout, how can I delete the text box if I want to make the pictures as large as possible? [ Answer
  5. The horizontal or vertical positions of photos printed are out of alignment. [ Answer
  6. Why can't I print photos with Windows that I can view in the preview screen. [ Answer
  7. Why does it take so long for some images to display a photo when I select the Viewer button? [ Answer
  8. How can I rename an image file in Windows? [ Answer
  9. I am trying to display photos that are stored on removable media with the Film Factory Screen Saver. When I select a roll that I keep on removable media from the Screen Saver control panel, I get an error saying that this roll has no images. [ Answer
  10. Can Film Factory read GIF files? [ Answer

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