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  1. After a hard drive (or partition) was added/removed, drive names were changed and my roll of film information disappeared. [ Answer
  2. Photos, which I deleted from the Macintosh Finder, still exist in the roll of film. [ Answer
  3. What are some of the features of Film Factory Version 2.11? [ Answer
  4. When exporting photos to web format, how can I use the same default colors my web browser is using for Background, Text, and Link? [ Answer
  5. Can additional areas for comments be created? [ Answer
  6. Can I print four pictures to a page on 8.5 x 11" paper? [ Answer
  7. Can I print several photos at a time using Sticker Prints? [ Answer
  8. Colors of the Film Factory main screen are strange. [ Answer
  9. I am trying to display photos that are stored on removable media with the Film Factory Screen Saver. When I select a roll that I keep on removable media from the Screen Saver control panel, I get an error saying that this roll has no images. [ Answer
  10. How do I make a collage of pictures? [ Answer

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