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  1. Can 'Manual Retouch' or 'Red Eye Correction' process multiple images? [ Answer
  2. My photos print out too dark (or too light). What should I do? [ Answer
  3. When attempting to print a large number of copies I get a message to lower the number of copies. [ Answer
  4. How do I make a collage of pictures? [ Answer
  5. After importing photos using TWAIN, Film Factory does not automatically start running. [ Answer
  6. How does PRINT Image Matching work? [ Answer
  7. What should I do if my computer hangs up or I get error messages when tying to use Film Factory in Windows? [ Answer
  8. Can I edit P.I.M. images with Film Factory? [ Answer
  9. Can I print four pictures to a page on 8.5 x 11" paper? [ Answer
  10. Colors of the Film Factory main screen are strange. [ Answer

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