ELP-3300 Data/Video Projector


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  1. How do I use the remote with MS PowerPoint? [ Answer
  2. Why won't my remote control work? [ Answer
  3. Can the projector be mounted on the ceiling? [ Answer
  4. When I turn on the projector, I don't get any lights at all or there is a blinking red power light. [ Answer
  5. Why am I getting wavy lines or snow on the projected image? [ Answer
  6. Why is the display compressed when I use the projector with my notebook? [ Answer
  7. Where can I find the specifications for my projector? [ Answer
  8. Why won't the mouse on the remote function? [ Answer
  9. Will the ELP-3300 work with a non-MultiSync monitor? [ Answer
  10. What is the maximum Y-cable length from the projector to the computer? [ Answer

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