PowerLite 600p Multimedia Projector


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  1. Why are the colors on the images wrong? [ Answer
  2. How do you replace the projection lamp? [ Answer
  3. Why won't the power status light come on? [ Answer
  4. Does the projector support a VCR? [ Answer
  5. Why am I getting a NO SIGNAL message? [ Answer
  6. Why am I getting blue screen with the message "No Signal" displayed? [ Answer
  7. Can I connect the projector to a PC, a Macintosh, DVD or a VCR? [ Answer
  8. All programs appear fine, except the video player software. A black box appears where the movie should appear. What can I do? [ Answer
  9. Is there a recommended sequence of turning on the projector and peripherals? [ Answer
  10. Does the projector use a remote control? [ Answer

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