BrightLink 430i Interactive XGA 3LCD Projector with Wall Mount


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  1. I get the message "Projector Filter Warning" when using ActivInspire software. What should I do? [ Answer
  2. Which operating systems support the Easy Interactive Tools software? [ Answer
  3. Do infrared (IR) devices interfere with the BrightLink interactive pen? [ Answer
  4. How can I get replacement mounting screws? [ Answer
  5. How often do the batteries in the interactive pens need to be charged? [ Answer
  6. I am having trouble calibrating my system. What should I do? [ Answer
  7. I see the message "Error occurred in the Easy Interactive Function". What is wrong? [ Answer
  8. After upgrading EasyMP Monitor on my computer, no projectors appear on the screen when I launch EasyMP Monitor. What's wrong? [ Answer
  9. Why is the Movie Sending Mode button on the EasyMP Network Projection toolbar grayed out? [ Answer
  10. All computer programs display correctly through the projector except the video player software. A black box appears where the movie should appear. What can I do? [ Answer

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