Epson SureColor F6070 Production Edition


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  1. Do I need to install a new ink chip each time I refill the ink tank with a new ink pack? [ Answer
  2. What is the smallest drop size that is produced by the printer? [ Answer
  3. Will the printer print on fabric? [ Answer
  4. Can I use the SureColor F6070 ink packs and tanks with other Epson printers? [ Answer
  5. How long is the printer under warranty? [ Answer
  6. What are the system requirements for the Wasatch SoftRip software? [ Answer
  7. What is the media width that is supported with my printer? [ Answer
  8. Where can I find drivers, utilities, and firmware for my printer? [ Answer
  9. Does the printer include a heat press? [ Answer
  10. Can I reuse the ink chips that come with the ink packs? [ Answer

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