SMART® Notebook™ Software for BrightLink Interactive Projectors


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  1. Is there any difference between SMART Notebook software bundled with SMART projectors and SMART Notebook software bundled with Epson projectors? [ Answer
  2. Can I use the SMART Notebook software with Epson BrightLink interactive projectors? [ Answer
  3. Do I get Notebook Advantage if I purchase an Epson projector with SMART Notebook software? [ Answer
  4. What is Notebook Advantage? [ Answer
  5. Which operating systems support the SMART Notebook software? [ Answer
  6. Does the SMART Exchange include content created by teachers, publishers, and SMART? [ Answer
  7. Is there a trial version of the SMART Notebook software? [ Answer
  8. How do I obtain support for SMART Notebook software? [ Answer
  9. When does Notebook Advantage take effect? [ Answer
  10. What is SMART Exchange? [ Answer

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