Epson StoryTeller Photo Book Creator - 5" x 7" (10 pages)


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  1. What paper size should I select to print the cover? [ Answer
  2. Why does my Epson printer print slow over blank areas of the page or cover? [ Answer
  3. Does StoryTeller work with Windows Vista? [ Answer
  4. The ink on my printed page is smeared. What’s wrong? [ Answer
  5. When I print a draft of my book, why are two book pages printed on every sheet? [ Answer
  6. Can I buy additional pages or another book for StoryTeller without buying the software? [ Answer
  7. I no longer see folders in the Select Pictures tab. What should I do to see them again? [ Answer
  8. If I don’t like one of the page layouts, how can I replace it with another one? [ Answer
  9. The images on my memory card have disappeared from the photo bin and I’m getting an error that tells me the image cannot be found. Why is this happening? [ Answer
  10. What are the minimum system requirements for the StoryTeller software? [ Answer

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