Epson PictureMate Express Edition Compact Photo Printer


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  1. Why doesn't Epson include a USB cable in the box along with the printer? [ Answer
  2. Is there a self test to determine if my print quality problem is caused by PictureMate? [ Answer
  3. What should I do if my printed image has lines running through it? [ Answer
  4. How many photos will I get from a PictureMate Print Pack? [ Answer
  5. Does Epson have a recycling program for ink cartridges? [ Answer
  6. Does PictureMate have a factory reset button? [ Answer
  7. My images saved as CMYK do not look correct. Is there a way to fix them? [ Answer
  8. Where can I get a replacement CD for my product? [ Answer
  9. Why doesn't my PictureMate see any photos on the memory card? [ Answer
  10. How can I get the latest PictureMate software? [ Answer

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