PowerLite Pro Cinema 800


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  1. How bright is the projector’s lamp? [ Answer
  2. Why can’t I save some of the ISF memory settings that are mentioned in the User’s Guide? [ Answer
  3. How and when should I clean the lens? [ Answer
  4. I replaced the projection lamp, but I still see the message Replace the lamp. How do I clear this message? [ Answer
  5. What are the different Color Modes on the Video menu used for? [ Answer
  6. What do the lights on top of the projector indicate? [ Answer
  7. Why are there dark vertical bands in the projected image? [ Answer
  8. Why do I get the message Keystone does not work on wide display when I try to adjust the keystone? [ Answer
  9. Can I connect the projector to external speakers? [ Answer
  10. How can I invert the projected image? [ Answer

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