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  1. What types of RAW files does the P-3000 support? [ Answer
  2. Why isn’t the file size displayed when I press the Display button on my P-3000 to view the properties of a RAW file image? [ Answer
  3. Which memory cards are supported? [ Answer
  4. How many times can I recharge the battery in my P-3000 before it must be replaced? [ Answer
  5. Can I use the viewer without the battery installed, using only the AC adapter? [ Answer
  6. I copied a video file to my image viewer and it won’t play. What should I do? [ Answer
  7. I’ve connected the viewer to my TV and the image is cut off or flickering. What’s wrong? [ Answer
  8. Can I upgrade the internal hard drive? [ Answer
  9. What should I do if the message Cannot access the USB device. There may be a problem with the USB device or it may not be formatted as FAT32 appears on my Macintosh when I try to copy files to or browse my USB storage device from the photo viewer? [ Answer
  10. Can I reformat the internal hard drive and reinstall the operating system if my P-3000 starts working improperly due to file corruption? [ Answer

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