LabelWorks™ LW-300 Label Printer

Safety Data Sheets

Safety Data Sheets provide important information about ink cartridge composition, hazard identification, first aid, fire fighting and accidental release measures, precautions for safe handling and use, physical and chemical properties of ink formulation, regulatory considerations, and more. Below is a listing of the information that is currently available for this product. The ink cartridges are listed in alphanumeric order by product code.

Cartridge # Color
LC-2WBN9 Black on White
LC-3WBN9 Black on White
LC-3WLN9 Blue on White
LC-3WRN9 Red on White
LC-4BKP9 Gold on Black
LC-4BWV9 White on Black
LC-4CAY9 Gray on Blue Check (Plaid)
LC-4EAY9 Gray on White Polka-Dot on Pink
LC-4GBL9 Black on Green
LC-4LBQ5 Black on Blue
LC-4NWT5 White on Espresso
LC-4PBQ5 Black on Pink
LC-4RBL9 Black on Pink
LC-4SBM9 Black on Silver
LC-4TBN9 Black on Clear
LC-4TKN9 Gold on Clear
LC-4WBN9 Black on White
LC-4WBQ5 Black on White
LC-4WBW9 Black on White
LC-4WLN9 Blue on White
LC-4WRN9 Red on White
LC-4YBW9 Black on Yellow
LC-4ZBU1 Black Glow-in-the-Dark
LC-5BKP9 Gold on Black
LC-5DBF9 Black on Orange
LC-5KBM9 Black on Gold
LC-5RBW9 Black on Red
LC-5SBE9 Black on Matte Silver
LC-5SBM9 Black on Silver
LC-5TBN9 Black on Clear
LC-5TKN9 Gold on Clear
LC-5TWN9 White on Clear
LC-5WBD9 Black on White
LC-5WBN9 Black on White
LC-5WBQ5 Black on White
LC-5WBW9 Black on White
LC-5YBF9 Black on Yellow
LC-5YBW9 Black on Yellow
LC-5ZBU1 Black Glow-in-the-Dark