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P.I.M. II Plug-in Installation Help for Photoshop CS2

This document will assist with the installation of the P.I.M. II plug–in for Adobe PhotoShop CS2. The installation CD for CS2 includes the P.I.M. II plug–in.

Note: PhotoShop must be shut down before installing the plug–in.
  1. Locate the PIM Plug–in on the PhotoShop CS2 install CD (CD Drive) F:\Goodies\Optional Plug–Ins\Seiko Epson.
  2. Run the following file in the folder: PIM II Installer.exe. By default this file extracts to the desktop with a folder name of "PRINT Image Matching II Plug–in".
  3. Copy all of the files in the "PRINT Image Matching II Plug–in" folder to the following PhotoShop locations:
    For Windows – C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop xx\Plug–Ins\Adobe PhotoShop Only\Import–Export.
    For Macintosh – Boot volume:Applications:Adobe PhotoShop xx: Plug–Ins:Adobe PhotoShop Only:Import/Export.
  4. Launch PhotoShop CS2. Click File/Import/. You should now have an option called "PRINT Image Matching II"
  5. This confirms that the P.I.M. II plug–in is properly installed. If you do not see this, check your installation and verify the files are in the proper location.

Printing an image file with PRINT Image Matching
  1. Select "File" – "Print with Preview" from the Adobe PhotoShop menu to display the Print dialog box.
  2. Check "Show More Options" in the Print dialog box.
  3. Select Color Management in the top list box.
  4. Confirm "Document: EPSON RGB 2001" under Source.
    Space depends on your Color Management Policies setting, then select the appropriate media profile under Print Space.
  5. Click the "Print" button in the upper right corner of the Print dialog box.
  6. Select the desired EPSON printer in the Print dialog box and click the "Properties" button.
  7. Check Custom for the Mode setting and click the "Advanced" button. Set "No Color Adjustment" (or turn off ICM on some printers), then select ""No Color Adjustment".
  8. Click the OK button to save the settings. Print using the Print dialog box.