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Image Scan For Linux

The following FAQ provides model, driver and application information for users interested in using Epson scanners to acquire images on the Linux platform.

Q:Are scanner drivers available for Linux?
A:Yes. Epson Kowa (not affiliated with Epson America) released Image Scan (version 1.51), a scanning utility that supports several EPSON scanners and works in conjunction with the Scanner Access Now Easy Application Programming Interface (SANE API), an industry-standard scanner control software used on the Linux platform.
Q:What features does Image Scan for Linux provide?
A:Image Scan provides the following features:
1) An EPSON original User Interface.
2) Film scanning support.
3) Scan to file feature which supports the PNG and PNM image archive formats.
4) An application interface to Gimp.
5) An interface to the Photo Image Printing System (PIPS). PIPS is a print filter for EPSON printers, developed by EPSON KOWA Corporation.
6) ADF (automatic document feeder) scanning support.
7) Network scanning support.
Q:Which scanner models does Image Scan for Linux currently support?
A:Image Scan (version 1.5) supports the following models:
EPSON Perfection 610
EPSON Perfection 640U
EPSON Perfection 1200S
EPSON Perfection 1200U
EPSON Perfection 1200U PHOTO
EPSON Perfection 1240U
EPSON Perfection 1250
EPSON Perfection 1250 PHOTO
EPSON Perfection 1260
EPSON Perfection 1260 PHOTO
EPSON Perfection 1640SU
EPSON Perfection 1640SU PHOTO
EPSON Perfection 1650
EPSON Perfection 1650 PHOTO
EPSON Perfection 1660 PHOTO
EPSON Perfection 2400 PHOTO
EPSON Perfection 2450 PHOTO
EPSON Perfection 3170 PHOTO
EPSON Perfection 3200 PHOTO
EPSON Perfection 4870 PHOTO
EPSON Expression 1600
EPSON Expression 1680
EPSON Expression 1640XL
EPSON GT-10000
EPSON GT-10000+
EPSON GT-15000
EPSON GT-30000
EPSON Stylus CX5200
EPSON Stylus CX5400
Q:What interfaces does Image Scan support?
A:Only SCSI and USB are supported. There are special requirements for USB. You can find this information on the Epson Kowa web site.
Q:Where can I download Image Scan for Linux scanner drivers?
A:You can download the Image Scan for Linux scanner drivers from the Scanner Utility for Linux page on the Epson Kowa web site.
Q:Is a User's Guide available for this product?
A:Yes. You can find a copy of the Image Scan for Linux User's Guide on the Scanner Utility for Linux page on the Epson Kowa web site. Click on the "User's Manual" link to open and view the document. You can also save the document to your hard drive. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the manual.
Q:Does Epson Kowa provide technical support for the Image Scan for Linux drivers?
A:Epson Kowa does not provide any end-user support for this product. However, if you do have questions or comments about Image Scan, you can post them to the Message Board located on the Epson Kowa web site.