PowerLite 480 XGA 3LCD Projector


User's Guide
PDF file
This document contains an overview of the product, specifications, basic and in-depth usage instructions, and information on using options.

ESC/VP Level 21 Communication Manual
ZIP file
This Zip file contains the Microsoft Excel Formated, ESC/VP21 Communication Manual with command codes, used in Epson projectors in order to control the projector remotely.

Installation Guide - Ultra-Short Throw Wall Mount (ELPMB28)
PDF file
This document will assist you with installation, using the Ultra-Short Throw Wall Mount (ELPMB28).

Mounting Templates
PDF file
This document contains the templates to be used when mounting the projector.

Note: For accurate placement, make sure you print these sheets at full size. Do not reduce or enlarge.

Operation Guide - EasyMP Monitor v4.53
PDF file
This document contains an overview of the EasyMP Monitor software v4.53 with in-depth usage instructions.

Operations Guide - EasyMP Network Projection
PDF file
This document contains information about using EasyMP Network Projection on a network.

Quick Setup
PDF file
This document contains quick setup instructions for this product.

Warranty Statement
PDF file
This document describes Epson's limited warranty for this product.

NOTE: To view documents marked as PDF, we recommend the latest version of Adobe® Reader®.