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  1. How do I display a Keynote file with iProjection? [ Answer
  2. Can I stream video with iProjection? [ Answer
  3. Can I control my projector with iProjection? [ Answer
  4. When I view a Document, there is a white bar at the bottom of my image or part of the image is missing. What should I do? [ Answer
  5. I don't have the optional wireless module for my projector, can I still use iProjection? [ Answer
  6. How do I change the color and thickness of the pen? [ Answer
  7. How do I put documents into iProjection's Document option? [ Answer
  8. Which file types can I display with iProjection? [ Answer
  9. Which devices are compatible with iProjection? [ Answer
  10. How do I highlight using the pen? [ Answer

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