PowerLite 825 Multimedia Projector


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  1. How do I connect my digital camera, document camera, or other device to the projector? [ Answer
  2. Why won’t the  power light come on? [ Answer
  3. Does the USB port used by the optional wireless LAN module support other USB devices being attached to it? [ Answer
  4. Where can I get the Quick Wireless Connection USB key for the projector? [ Answer
  5. Why does my displayed image appear jittery or shaky when I connect a DVD player or VCR to the projector’s Video or S-Video port? [ Answer
  6. Will the Quick Wireless Connection automatically configure the projector on my Network? [ Answer
  7. How do I increase the performance of external speakers connected to the projector? [ Answer
  8. The remote control doesn’t work. What should I do? [ Answer
  9. Is EMP NS Connection supported in Windows 7? [ Answer
  10. What is the purpose of the Network Protect setting in the Password Protect screen? [ Answer

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