Epson Stylus Pro 9600 Print Engine with Photographic Dye™ Ink


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  1. Why do I get errors when I try to use Scale to Fit when the target media size is set for No Margin? [ Answer
  2. How should the printer be prepared for shipment and storage? [ Answer
  3. Why does the printer fail to cut paper when the Auto Cut setting is selected on the printers control panel? [ Answer
  4. What are the best driver settings to use with my paper type? [ Answer
  5. What types of paper can I use with the auto-cutter blade? [ Answer
  6. Do I need the Fiery Spark Pro 2.0 RIP for my photographic workflow? [ Answer
  7. What are the best settings to use with thicker media? [ Answer
  8. What are the user replaceable parts for the 9600 and 7600? [ Answer
  9. What steps should I try if I have horizontal banding? [ Answer
  10. Which Epson Professional papers do not have optical brighteners? [ Answer

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