Epson Stylus Color 1520 Ink Jet Printer


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  1. When I installed new ink cartridges the printer does continuous cleaning cycles. Is there something wrong with my printer? [ Answer
  2. Why is the printer printing blank pages? [ Answer
  3. Why don't the colors displayed on the monitor match the printed colors? [ Answer
  4. Garbage prints when I print from Adobe Acrobat. How can I fix this? [ Answer
  5. I am using Quark 3.3x and my custom page sizes are not being seen when I select the PPD for my printer. [ Answer
  6. I installed the printer on my Macintosh , but when I close the Chooser I get the error "Cannot identify your printer correctly. Make sure your printer is on and properly connected. Then use the Chooser to select the printer and port". What should I do? [ Answer
  7. My printer won't stay selected in the Chooser. How can I fix this? [ Answer
  8. Is my printer supported in Windows Vista? [ Answer
  9. How do I print on envelopes? [ Answer
  10. My prints have horizontal lines or are missing colors and/or black print. How can I resolve this issue? [ Answer

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