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  1. Is my scanner Kofax VRS certified? If so, what version of the software do I need? [ Answer
  2. When I click All to list the cards I have input, there are question marks in front of some of the names. What does that indicate? [ Answer
  3. Why is part of my picture missing from the scanned image? [ Answer
  4. Can I input additional information other than the fields that are already listed? [ Answer
  5. I purchased a computer that came with Windows 7 installed. Does Epson have a Windows 7 driver for my scanner? [ Answer
  6. Where can I get replacement parts and service manuals? [ Answer
  7. How do I choose the resolution and the best settings to scan at? [ Answer
  8. I hand scan the first half of my page, then I hand scan the second half. One side seems to be larger than the other. Why aren't they the same size? [ Answer
  9. My picture is wider than the maximum scan area. Is there any way I can scan wider than 4.1-inches? [ Answer
  10. What does the EPSON PhotoPlus software do? [ Answer

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