PowerLite Pro G5950 XGA 3LCD Projector with Standard Lens


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  1. I see only a black screen when I connect an HD video device to my projector through an AV receiver using HDMI cables. What should I do? [ Answer
  2. How do I adjust the hue and saturation for six different color axes? [ Answer
  3. Can I access the lamp and air filter with the ceiling mount installed? [ Answer
  4. How and when should I clean the lens? [ Answer
  5. What does the Split Screen feature do? [ Answer
  6. Does the projector have electric lens shift, zoom, and focus functions? [ Answer
  7. Can I connect the projector to a LAN? [ Answer
  8. Do the PowerLite Pro G projectors support SNMP? [ Answer
  9. Can I connect external speakers to the projector? [ Answer
  10. Why won't the  Power light come on? [ Answer

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