PowerLite 935W WXGA 3LCD Projector


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  1. Can the projector be accessed using different operating systems on the same network? [ Answer
  2. Will the Quick Wireless Connection automatically configure the projector on my network? [ Answer
  3. Is it possible to use the projector over a remote IP connection or over the Internet to transfer files? [ Answer
  4. What wireless security protocols does the projector support? [ Answer
  5. Can I connect the projector to a LAN? [ Answer
  6. Is the EasyMP Network Projection software supported in Mac OS X? [ Answer
  7. What does the Network Protect setting do? [ Answer
  8. Can I connect the projector to a network? [ Answer
  9. Will any network card work when inserted in the projector? [ Answer
  10. Can the projector be viewed via the Network Neighborhood on a Windows PC? [ Answer

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