Epson Stylus C84 Ink Jet Printer


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  1. Can the printer still print if an ink cartridge is empty or not installed? [ Answer
  2. How long should an ink cartridge remain in the printer if it's not used often? [ Answer
  3. My printouts are missing color and/or black print. What should I do? [ Answer
  4. Does Mac OS X support manual duplex printing with my printer? [ Answer
  5. Vertical lines are not aligned. How can I solve this problem? [ Answer
  6. Why does the C84 print output look different than the printouts from my other Epson color printer? [ Answer
  7. A strong odor is coming from my printouts. Why does this happen? [ Answer
  8. Can I use sheet labels with this printer? [ Answer
  9. How can I clear the printer's buffer? [ Answer
  10. How do I change the font size of printed text in Windows? [ Answer

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