MovieMate 25 with Screen


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  1. Why are the projected images getting darker or starting to deteriorate? [ Answer
  2. Why is the image from my external video equipment cut off (too large) or too small? [ Answer
  3. Can I replace the lamp myself? [ Answer
  4. Does the projector use a remote control? [ Answer
  5. How do I correct the region code error displayed on my MovieMate projector? [ Answer
  6. How far away should I place the projector in order to fill the screen? [ Answer
  7. Why is the message No signal displayed when I try to view video from my external video equipment? [ Answer
  8. How do I replace the lamp? [ Answer
  9. Can a universal remote be used to control Epson MovieMate 25? [ Answer
  10. What do the projector’s lights indicate? [ Answer

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