LX-300+ Impact Printer


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  1. The printer beeps five times and the PAUSE light stays on. [ Answer
  2. What is micro-adjust used for? [ Answer
  3. What are the differences between the LX-300 and the LX-300+? [ Answer
  4. Why does my printer print garbage from MS-DOS and Windows? [ Answer
  5. I'm printing serial, my baud rate is at 9600, and intermittently the printer will lose data. What can I do to correct this? [ Answer
  6. When printing a multiple page document on single sheets, the first page prints correctly, but the pages after start printing too low. [ Answer
  7. Can I print on checks that are 3-inches in length? [ Answer
  8. The printer is not starting at the right position on the paper. How can I change the top-of-form? [ Answer
  9. What driver should I use if the LX-300+ is not listed? [ Answer
  10. How do I install my printer in Windows Vista? [ Answer

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