LX-300+ Impact Printer


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  1. What is micro-adjust used for? [ Answer
  2. What are the differences between the LX-300 and the LX-300+? [ Answer
  3. Are there any differences on the control panel from the LX-300? [ Answer
  4. Will this printer emulate an IBM Proprinter? [ Answer
  5. The printer beeps five times and the PAUSE light stays on. [ Answer
  6. Why does my printer print garbage from MS-DOS and Windows? [ Answer
  7. What are the most commonly used escape codes? [ Answer
  8. What driver should I use if the LX-300+ is not listed? [ Answer
  9. My printer is fine until I try to print anything from Windows 95 or 98. When I try printing, the printer goes offline. [ Answer
  10. Why does the printer stop or pause in the middle of a large print job? [ Answer

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