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  1. Which Epson printers does the app support? [ Answer
  2. I get a No Scanner Found, No Printer Found, General Error or Communication Error message when I try to scan. What should I do? [ Answer
  3. What are the Local, Manual IP and Remote options in the Select Printer menu? [ Answer
  4. How do I print web pages with the iPrint app? [ Answer
  5. How do I print to a Remote Printer? [ Answer
  6. Which print options can I control in the app? [ Answer
  7. The app doesn't detect my scanner. What should I do? [ Answer
  8. How do I install Epson Creative Print from Epson iPrint? [ Answer
  9. How do I view stored photos or documents in the app? [ Answer
  10. Some of my Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel or Microsoft PowerPoint documents do not print correctly. What should I do? [ Answer

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