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Small Business. Driven by Design.

Blueprints explores the DNA of small business fields driven by color imaging and design, such as: Real Estate, Architecture, Interior Design and General Contracting. The blog celebrates a shared passion for the ideas, vision and imagery of these industries and the equally colorful people who shape them.

Color Shift

The journey from monochrome to on demand color labels

Long limited by technology that could only produce monochrome images; the industrial label market has been rather dull. Until now. New color inkjet printers unlock this constraint and allow the powerful visual impact of color to improve operations and costs in a broad spectrum of applications. This blog discusses the Ins & Outs of this new technology, how it helps and where it is demonstrating success.


Connecting you and your content with others

Connect provides insights about how Epson Connect is changing the ways users access, create and share their content with others. This blog is dedicated to sharing stories and discussions on the benefits of mobile and cloud printing and scanning for home or business and the fun and productive benefits of using Epson Connect solutions.

In The Classroom

Teachers using tech

The options for integrating technology in classrooms are as diverse as the teachers who implement them. This blog shares unique stories of teachers and students and how they're using technology plus related news and tips.


All things projection

Projection tips, tricks, and some entertainment.

Off the Beaten Print

Off the Beaten Print is a go-to place for all kinds of creative people – from artists and designers to weekend shooters and professional photographers – to discover the latest in wide-format printing and digital imaging. Swing by for personal anecdotes and suggestions from fellow creative junkies to help you learn more about cool technologies and get the print you want.

Prime Label

Insights on issues important to prime label converters

The Prime Label blog is for those who want to learn more about a digital press. It's dedicated to covering the technical issues, events, and business trends for the prime label industry.


Stories about sharing memories at home

Sharing great ideas on unlocking your photos from the digital world. Real life stories about turning pixels into memories.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to Scanning

The answer is 42

This blog is all about scanners - how they work, how to get the best out of them and cool/inventive/creative things people do with them. It's also a blog of pop-culture and sci-fi references because the author's a bit of a nerd.

Transaction Times

Life at the Point of Sale

Transaction Times covers point of sale topics from receipt printing to data integration to advanced financial solutions.


The view from Inside Epson's Moverio smart glasses program

The blog is dedicated to chronicling the development of a product in one of the hottest technologies on the market today – smart glasses. Transparency will provide an inside look at how Epson is working with developers and partners to expand the applications that are possible for its Moverio smart glasses for the benefit of business and consumers. With all the buzz created around the category by Google Glass, Transparency should become a destination for early enthusiasts and adopters, existing and potential developers and partners as well as media and bloggers who want to learn more how Moverio technology is different and how it will create unique opportunities that other technologies on the market cannot.