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Kien Tsoi Goes Big


I first met Kien Tsoi without him really knowing it, huddled quietly behind the privacy glass of a research facility in Santa Monica, CA, as I watched a group of Realtors evaluate our newest Epson products.

They were all great people, but something about Kien’s technical knowledge, sense of humor and personality really made him stand out from the crowd…I had to meet him.

Throwing all research protocol aside (with permission from the higher-ups, of course) I chased down Kien in the parking lot and offered him a handshake, an Epson printer and an invitation to lunch.  Not the slickest of overtures, but it worked.

Two years later: Epson products are now in real estate offices across the country (thank you, Kien!) and being designed even better for the future, thanks to feedback from Kien and his fellow Realtors.

I’ll send you on an internet scavenger hunt about Kien Tsoi, but leave me a comment if you figure it out.  Your keywords are as follows: Karaoke. YouTube. Real Estate.

Good luck and let me know what you find!

Photo Courtesy Kien Tsoi

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