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Climb Airstream photo

Imagine if you read this: “A must-see property in SF’s best neighborhoods. Cozy office space features designer furniture, wrap-around sofa, high-tech amenities and coffee on tap. Incredible views of San Francisco change daily. For more information, follow our Tweets.”

Impossible? Not for pioneering firm Climb Real Estate Group. For a company that deals exclusively in bricks and mortar, this company has invested in something very surprising. Their brand new retail space is…mobile.

And I don’t mean a new app, but an actual 20-foot, beautifully renovated 1960 Airstream Globetrotter trailer that travels around San Francisco, Climb Real Estate’s stomping grounds. Chris Lim, founder of Climb, was inspired by the current food-truck craze to create the mobile real estate office, complete with a coffee bar, sofas and, of course, its own Twitter feed to let people know how to follow it. Literally.

Even though its size is small, the experience the Airstream provides is larger than life—its well-designed space brings technology, listings, personal service and presentations to a wider audience, all over the city. With pop-up stores and restaurants, why not a real estate office that moves around to the very neighborhoods it serves?

“With the Internet changing real estate home searches, it’s becoming more and more necessary for me to have direct access to prospective buyers and sellers,” explains Kendra Wall, Senior Sales Associate with Climb Real Estate. “With my Airstream mobile office, I’m able to reach clients directly in their neighborhood. While the Airstream has been popular at street fairs, festivals and openings, I have also been using it as open-house station for new developments and communities. Recently, it served as a popular safe haven for children to get treats and water during Halloween trick-or-treating.”

And if the blindingly buffed Airstream seems a little “retro,” Lim and designer Kristiana Spaulding of Silver Trailer made sure that it was absolutely modern on the inside. It’s not just the sleek aluminum walls and furnishings from Paul Smith and Hans Wegner; it’s solar panels, iPads on Simplicit stands, a flat-screen television, the latest listings software and of course, a very cool new Epson printer…

It’s innovation at its finest, in an industry that can sometimes seem behind the curve on technology adoption. What impresses me most is the fact that Lim turned away from the existing norm of a lavish, commercial office space (although he’s got that, too) and launched an idea that the city has never seen before – and in San Francisco, that’s saying something.

The original 1960 Airstream Globetrotter successfully completed its 90-day pilot program, and since then, the company has upgraded to a 2008 Design Within Reach Airstream, in a size that’s more easily maneuvered down the San Francisco streets…and it’s coming soon to a neighborhood near you!

Photo Courtesy Climb Real Estate Group.

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