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RobinAnderson-Jennatote-1_LR“My friend told me I had to stop with all the Facebooking,” recounted Robin Anderson, author and face of the blog Robin M. Anderson. This was about seven years ago, when Facebook first came on the scene. “She basically came over one night and told me to start a blog instead.”

Robin knew a good idea when she heard one, and set to it right away. She’d just had a baby and left her career as a juvenile prosecution lawyer, the job she’d dreamed of since growing up watching Law & Order. But she happily gave it up when she and her husband had their first son.

“I never expected the blog to turn into anything, or make money off of it,” she recalled. “It was basically something to keep my brain moving while home with an infant, and keep me connected to the outside world.”

Soon, Robin’s husband gave her the go-ahead to start painting their house in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and she went to town, repainting every surface in the house and redecorating—on a budget. “I discovered that I had a knack for taking boring places in my house and turning them into something beautiful, with a little bit of money and a lot of love.”

Even though her blog and design skills have garnered some attention in the press, she still sees it as a passion project. Robin feels very strongly about keeping her blog honest, and tries to only post what’s real, rather than staged or driven by sponsorship. “They don’t mind the photos I take with my iPhone because they know that it’s what my house truly looks like,” Robin explained. “Once you start Photoshopping things, you get no realistic view of what you’re looking at.”

But when it comes to her interior design clients, realism is key—in regards to the vision Robin has for them. “I’ve done everything electronically in the past, which has worked well,” explained Robin. “But now I’m pulling all the products together and printing out storyboards. It really helps them visualize the project and pull the trigger on moving forward.”

As much as Robin understands the environmental impact of printing, she’s looking at her Epson WorkForce from a business standpoint. “When someone sees their new interiors for the first time, they’re not going to be able to refer me by showing them the plans I sent in an email three months ago,” she admitted. “But they will pull out this storyboard folder, and that will paint a better picture of my process and my talent.”

The new addition to the household has Robin realizing all sorts of other uses for the printer, including ones targeting the youngsters in the house. Although they’re not of homework age (yet!), she will continue her community service at her sons’ school in the fall, where she decorates the class bulletin boards. “I’ve always woken up in the middle of the night realizing I hadn’t bought the hearts or shamrocks for the board, but now I can just download a template to print—even from my smartphone or tablet.”

It sounds like that won’t be the only thing she’ll be printing for the boys. “Now they’re always talking about what we can copy or print,” Robin laughed. “It’s a real topic of conversation around here.”

Robin Anderson’s blog on interior design, fashion, motherhood and more can be found or find her on Instagram, her favorite social medium.


Photography courtesy of Sarah Winchester Studios.

Epson provided WorkForce printer to Robin Anderson for business and personal use. 

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