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‘Tis the Season for Mobile Printing


It’s the season for family and fun. Tracking down the perfect gifts, decorating the house, cooking one day and then traveling the next – the holiday season can still get surprisingly stressful.

Contrary to what I expected, technology can add even more stress. Last year, I wanted to replace my laptop with my iPhone for all my holiday tasks – the shopping list, taking/posting photos on Facebook and using it as a boarding pass. What I didn’t count on was a comedy of errors, like drained batteries, scorned relatives who find Facebook “evil,” malfunctioning plane ticket scanners, and a tablet ruined by a stray splash of soup.

This year, I figured out the secret. Print everything out. With paper, you don’t have to worry about batteries, soup or irate holiday travelers. And holding an actual photo in your hand really is more emotional than swiping through images quickly on a screen.

Regardless of your device or where the holidays take you this season, saving time and sharing memories with the family is now just a few taps away. That’s because this year Android has joined Apple and Amazon with built-in printing technology. This means you can easily print from your most commonly used mobile apps on iOS, Fire OS and Android. Check our Solutions Finder for even more mobile printing info.

Here are few ideas for reducing stress during the holidays:

  • Holiday Lists Galore: My wife and I provide the extended family with gift lists for our kids since my parents are tech challenged (pretty sure my Mom won’t read this). I found that a printed list never seems to get lost. It’s also a much more engaging experience to take my 5 year old son to the toy store and check off his sister’s gift choices from a clipboard as we pick them up.
  • Holiday Food Traditions: If your family is like mine, a big part of the holidays is preparing the holiday meal together. With so many chefs in the kitchen last year, some soup destroyed my wife’s iPad. This year, a printed recipe will be used so it can get destroyed in the chaos instead. And when your family asks for the recipe, you can print it out a clean copy from your tablet when your hands are finally clean.
  • Holiday Travel: After a second round of holiday food at the in-laws, it’s usually time to check-in the family with the airline app. I’ve learned to always have backup prints in case my battery dies or we run into scanner issues at the airport. The last thing anyone wants is a delay as you’re rushing the kids through the TSA line. So I plan to wirelessly print out boarding passes from my phone to my in-law’s Epson printer without using their computer.
  • Holiday Photos a Plenty: When friends and family get together, it’s always time for group photos with the mobile phone. I’m pretty good at picking the best ones and posting them up on Facebook quickly, but I’ll also have 4×6 photo paper ready to print a few of this year’s best pics. That’s because some of my relatives refuse to use Facebook but still want memories of our time together. It’s funny, but last year my non-Facebook relatives also asked for printed photos of our kids throughout the year once they saw how many important events were chronicled on Facebook. It turned into a great bonding experience for the whole family with keepsakes in hand.

How did you stay connected and sane this holiday season?

Kindle Fire Printing Renamed and Expanded

Fire OS Printing

Last year, Amazon introduced Kindle Fire Printing – a wireless print system built right into their Kindle Fire tablets.
My post from last year detailed how a Kindle Fire user can print emails, events, contacts, documents and photos.
It also mentioned how printing was just part of a whole new Amazon productivity push to make their tablets relevant
for Enterprise and BYOD right along side Apple iPads and Samsung Galaxy devices.

Renamed “Fire OS Printing”

I am amazed at how much Amazon continues to innovate every year. Their product development group is definitely
world-class, often underestimated and, of course, constantly busy. For example, this year they introduced the
Fire Phone, Fire TV as well as a new series of Fire tablets.

Amazon 2014 Products

Amazon has also dropped the “Kindle” name and has reserved it for their eReaders only. A smart marketing and
branding move in the long run. There is a huge difference between the capabilities of an electronic book reader and
an app-based tablet.

But today, there is a little clean-up necessary and “Kindle” also had to be dropped from their print system. Now, it’s just
called “Fire OS Printing” and we’ve also updated Epson’s Fire OS Printing page with all the details.

Printing Expands to the Fire Phone

Fire Phone Printing










If you own an Amazon Fire Phone, you also benefit from Fire OS Printing. That’s because the Fire Phone also supports document printing. Built into the Docs Library App is the ability to print Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. Currently, it does not support printing from emails, events, contacts for photos. But I suspect that will be coming soon with a system update. Remember how busy the product dev teams are at Amazon?

In case you’re wondering, the Fire TV does not support printing. As cool as that would be, I haven’t thought of a practical use for printing from a TV. Let me know if you have any ideas.

“Sangria” Makes Printing Easier

I’m not advocating that wine fixes everything. But as an Epson user, Fire OS 4 (code named Sangria) does make mobile printing even easier. That’s because with Fire OS 3.5, you had to still download Epson software and then activate it the first time you try to print to an Epson printer. But with Fire OS 4, the “Epson Print Plug-in” is already included. This means that once you hit “Print”, you’ll be able to pick a nearby Epson printer and print without any extra steps. It’s so easy, it’s intuitive.

If you haven’t tried it, you really need to check out how easy it is. Just automatically update your Fire or Kindle Fire tablet and locate the print option within an App. Remember, our Fire OS Printing page has all the details.

Amazon Tablets #2 in US/Canada in 2013

I’m not the only ones impressed with Amazon. Apparently so are customers. According to Gartner, Amazon sold 2.2 Million Kindle Fire tablets last year. They just beat Samsung with 2.0 Million tablets sold. So Amazon took the #2 position after Apple with their whopping 25.6 Million iPads sold. That’s evidence that Amazon’s development teams are world-class. Let’s see how they do this year after the holidays.

Device images provided by Amazon.

The Dow Jones & Mobile Printing

Indian Man Using Digital Tablet Whilst Eating Breakfast

I can’t help but smile when friends tell me how wireless printing is changing their lives for the better.

Last week I chatted with a friend of mine who told me that he prints wirelessly from his iPad at least a couple of times a month when he is buying or selling stocks during breakfast.

Now I’m not talking about someone who’s a professional investor or a rabid day-trader.  This guy has run a successful small business for the last 20-some years, but for him investing is much more than just a hobby. It’s more like a disciplined and researched approach. As he likes to puts it, “when it comes to my career, I’m definitely playing the back nine, so careful, steady investing combined with accurate record keeping is very important to me.”

Being old enough to remember when an individual investor had to call his broker on a land line, tell him how many shares of what to buy or sell and for how much, wait for a call back to find out the actual sale price, and then wait for about a week to receive a trade confirmation in the mail, he loves the ease by which mobile and wireless technology has simplified the investing process. “Being able to make and follow through on investments decisions while eating breakfast and watching my favorite morning cable financial news program is always fun, and sometimes, pretty rewarding.”

How does he do it?  Once he’s decided what securities he wants to buy or sell, he’s boiled it down to a 5-step process that usually takes him less than a minute.

Let’s say he hears an early morning on-air financial analyst recommend shares of one of the companies he’s had on his “watch list.” Without getting out of his chair or even putting down his toast, he springs (metaphorically) into action by:

  1. Opening his brokerage firm’s app on his iPad – 5 seconds
  2. Hitting the “Trade” button in the app – 2 seconds
  3. Typing in the stock ticker symbol, selecting “Buy,” entering the number of shares he wants, selecting the order type (e.g., market order, limit order), when to buy (market open, close, during the day, etc.), double checks the order preview, and then hits the “Buy” button to complete the trade – 30 seconds, tops.
  4. Within literally a couple of seconds he then receives an email notification the trade has been executed
  5. He then prints a record of the transaction – recommended by his brokerage firm – from his tablet to his Epson Expression XP-820 located upstairs in his home office.

Pretty amazing when you think about it.  In less than one minute, he has electronically bought or sold and created a printed record of a stock, mutual fund or ETF transaction.

Having been involved with Epson’s wireless printing services for the last several years, I know how easy and routine it has made printing in homes and business around the world. Hearing that it’s helping a friend is extremely gratifying.  And knowing that – in a small way – it’s also playing a part in the world of global finance and becoming more routine, just keeps me smiling.

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A New Way to Choose a Mobile Printing Solution


Ever found yourself in a new city and needed help finding your way around? As a frequent traveler, I always rely on the front desk to quickly find an ATM, store or restaurant to save me from wandering about and getting lost. The helpful staff would pull out a map and draw out my options and the best route to get there. More important, they might even provide me with expert advice on what to avoid or what they would recommend.

If you are a mobile user trying to print for the first time, you are also in unfamiliar territory. You want to print from your phone or tablet, but you’re not sure how. A quick search reveals there actually are quite a few options available. In a blog post less than a year ago, I tried to provide some guidance. Back then there were only eight mobile print solutions to choose from and I recommended which one to use depending on your mobile device in a list format. Today, we have eleven so we thought you deserve to have a more helpful, visual tool that you can use online.

Introducing the Epson Connect Solutions Finder

Now you can pick a mobile device and quickly see which mobile printing solutions are specifically available to you. Then you can quickly compare solutions and figure out which solution works best for you.

Solutions Finder B

Pick A Device

Do you want to print from your iPad, Android Phone, Chromebook or your Kindle Fire? Just select a device and you will only see the mobile solutions that work for that particular device. We even have a solution that will work with the venerable BlackBerry. Check out the cool way the solutions transition as you toggle through different devices.


Solutions Finder - Select a device - Apple


Compare And Choose

Now you can choose up to three solutions to compare and find out which one will work best for you. You can find out whether a solution allows you to print while you are near your printer or far away in a remote location. Do you just need to print? Then choose a solution with minimal settings. Do you need control and want to define page range, paper type and other print options? Or do you need a solution that can capture scans as well?

Solutions Finder - Compare

Comment Card

Now that I am embracing this front desk analogy to help guide you through mobile printing, seems like we should ask you to fill out a virtual comment card. So try the Solutions Finder and let us know how did we do? Was the Solutions Finder helpful? Did we provide you with enough information? What else could we have done to make your stay more pleasurable?

By the way, we will politely refuse any gratuity. Accepting a cash tip would just be taking this metaphor too far…

Photo Credit: Mattjeacock via Getty Images

Epson introduces Mopria-certified printers

Mopria Movie Frame 1


SOUND: Inspirational Music

VOICE: “Imagine a world where you can pick up your phone and easily print to your Epson printer at work, a Canon printer at your friend’s house or an HP printer at your hotel. All without downloading a new app or requiring additional setup. A world where you can pick up any smartphone, any tablet and print to any printer, regardless of brand.”

How’s that for a daring preview of intuitive printing? It’s the long term vision of the Mopria™ Alliance and why Epson joined it earlier this year.

By the way, I just did something unheard of. Bold. Even Provocative. I mentioned other printer brands in my official Epson blog. I crossed a marketing redline that I’m sure is giving my bosses some heartburn. Not sure if I’ll be able to ever do this again so I might as well go for broke…  Brother, Canon, Epson, HP, Konica Minolta, Kyocera, Lexmark, Oki Data, Pantum, Ricoh, Samsung, Toshiba and Xerox. I just named all the printer companies who are now members of the Mopria Alliance. We are finally together in something bold and provocative and we are working to provide the user with a more intuitive print experience. Now, that’s unheard of. You can check out an older Mopria blog post or watch this video to find out more.

Looking Out For You

How is the Mopria Alliance looking out for you? Today you have way too many choices when it comes to mobile printing. Which mobile OS do you have? Which brand of phone or tablet? Which printer do you want to print to? Do you need to download an app or activate/setup the printer? The good news is Epson printer engineers are also mobile users too. They are also spending more and more of their time supporting more OSes, more devices and more printing solutions. So for your sanity and theirs, it makes really good sense for Epson engineers to work together with other printer brands to make some sense out of the mobile chaos.

Mopria-certified Epson Printers

Mopria Certified Printers 9-2014For our part, Epson has been working hard behind the scenes to ensure that our newest printers are Mopria-certified. The seven printers that we just launched in September will be part of a growing number of printers that you will be able to print to, regardless of brand. Using the Mopria Print Service, Android 4.4 users will be able to finally have a much more intuitive print experience.

How Does the Mopria Print Service Work?

There is a new easy-to-use print system built into new Android phones and tablets that I described in a previous post, but you still need to download a “print service” (basically a driver) for each brand of printer you plan to print to. So, if you have an Epson printer at work, a Canon printer at your friend’s house and an HP printer at your hotel, you would have to download three separate print services. But if you just downloaded the Mopria Print Service it would enable you to print to all three printer brands. So one download saves you both time and some valuable memory on your device.

So if you’re interested in getting a preview for a more intuitive future, you can download the Mopria Print Service from the Google Play Store. You can also find out more about how it works by viewing our Mopria webpage.

Let us know if you’re excited about a more intuitive way to print by sharing, liking or commenting.

Epson Supports Android Printing


Android KitKat users − you can now print from your smartphone or tablet. That’s right, Android v4.4 has a built-in print system.

It’s called, wait for it… Android Printing.

So you weren’t really impressed with the name? Well, here’s why you’ll be impressed with how it works.

First, the fact that this is Android means a lot of users will now realize easy mobile printing. Gartner Research estimates that Android tablets are now currently 50% of the worldwide tablet sales (34% in the US) while Android phones are 57% of all smartphones sold (53% in the US). As more and more phones use v4.4 and later, the base of customers will grow very quickly.

Second, Printing on Android will be easier and more uniform than ever before. With previous versions, you had to download a separate print app from Google Play and then figure out how to get your content (photos, documents, emails) into this app and render it before printing. Unfortunately the results of rendering Office documents and PDFs were often very inconsistent. Rendering has now been greatly improved and standardized with Android Printing and Google will integrate it into their pre-installed apps such as Chrome, Drive, Gallery, Gmail, Photos and QuickOffice. Simply find the print option from the Action bar:

Android Printing Print Option

Third, Easy mobile printing will expand to other apps where your content is stored. Any Android developer can now incorporate Android Printing using standardized “APIs to add printing capabilities to their apps with minimal code changes” according to This means less steps, less taps and less time from when you view your content to when you can hit the print button.

How It Works

Android Printing allows print manufacturers like Epson to create its own “print service.” Our print service is called the “Epson Print Enabler” and allows you to print to Epson printers as far back as 2008. Check online to see a list of supported printer models.

You can download and install the Epson Print Enabler from Google Play and turn it on using the following steps:

Turn On Epson Print Enabler

Fast Forward

I’m looking forward to being able to print all sorts of content from the apps I download from Google Play. In fact, let me put out my own list and see how many of these apps incorporate Android Printing within next six months. I would love to print photos from Facebook, offers from, boarding passes from United, expense reports from Concur and documents from Box.

While I’m dreaming of a better world of easy and seamless printing. I wonder what will happen when Android really moves beyond just phones and tablets? Will Android Printing also expand to other devices such as Google Glass or Android watches?

Please let us know what apps or devices you would like to print from.


Six Ways Evernote Can Save Your Sanity

EvernoteDo you find yourself pushing aside a stack of crumpled receipts on your desktop every morning just to find some space to put your coffee cup down? What about the times you find yourself standing in the department store and realizing you left the bed sheet measurements on the kitchen table at home?

You’re not alone. Recently I found myself shopping for a dinner party, feeling pretty on top of things, when my husband asked what I was making for dessert. After a brief moment of panic, I remembered my secret weapon—my iPhone and my Evernote app. Within seconds I had trawled through my favorite dessert recipes and had the ingredients in my cart moments later.


Evernote is a cloud-based service that allows you to capture, organize and access the bits of information you need to have at your fingertips. Need to save more than just text? No problem—Evernote can capture photos, scans and audio files too. Once you have the information uploaded to Evernote, it’s synced to all of your devices, allowing you to access it from everywhere. Unlike that list you left on your desk.

I’ve used Evernote for about two years, but I knew I wasn’t using it to its full capacity. I sat down with Sara Caputo, founder of Radiant Organizing + Productivity, a productivity consulting firm, to get a few advanced tips:

  1. A thousand scraps of paper in your pocket: “Evernote is great for that random information you never need until you’re standing in the store,” explains Sara. Model numbers, paint colors, window dimensions and clothing sizes for family members work well with Evernote. So now there’s no excuse to clear those colored notes from your desk, your handbag, your fridge. From remembering the wine you liked at a restaurant to cataloging favorite songs, Evernote keeps the information at the ready.
  2. Destroy that pile of receipts: From your household budget to your expense report, scan those receipts and keep them organized. Epson Scan To Cloud, for example, helps people scan receipts—and life’s other important information—directly to Evernote. “We all have books we want to read, movies we want to watch, passwords to remember,” says Sara. “Keep these in Evernote and never forget them.”
  3. It’s a snap: Don’t have access to a scanner? Use the camera on your smartphone to upload the photo directly to Evernote. Browsing the web and see a recipe you can’t wait to try? Use the Evernote Web Clipper to grab the text, save the whole page image or just the URL. In a meeting and need to record it? Evernote lets you do that with its mobile app.
  4. Organize your notes: There are many aspects of your life that can benefit from some organization, from research on an upcoming vacation to storing photos of furniture you like for an upcoming remodel. If you have children (or even pets!), it helps keep information in order, like PTA meetings, medical records and, Sara’s favorite, kids’ creations. Take photos of their artwork and schoolwork—Evernote dates them and saves a copy in the cloud if they get lost or damaged.
  5. Collaborate: From your son’s science project to your client’s latest goals, Evernote makes managing all moving parts easily. Evernote updates and saves changes in real time, so you’ll be able to access that photo of volcano ingredients your son just uploaded when you’re at the hardware store the night before it’s due.
  6. Discipline: Does this sound like a lot of work? It’s not. Evernote not only makes it so easy to upload, store and access your information you won’t even notice the time passing, but also the first time it saves your bacon you’ll realize how indispensable it is.

I like to call Evernote my “external hard drive” for my brain. I’ve scanned tiny instruction manuals into Evernote that I would otherwise lose in seconds, as well as tips on gardening, blog topics for clients and articles on places I’d love to visit. I find it indispensable for cataloging those books I want to read but will have forgotten the names of by the time I finish reading volume 15 of the Game of Thrones. I can honestly say that Evernote has changed my life for the better.

What online cloud service do you use? How it has changed the way you work, play and share? Let us know in the comments.

Print Long Distance

switchboard_bwWhat does “Wireless Printing” mean to you? Most likely, it means the ability to print from your computer or mobile device without having to connect a USB or Ethernet cable. Wireless printing is also essential from a smartphone or tablet that does not have USB or Ethernet ports but relies on Wi-Fi technology instead. Mostly it’s really convenient because you no longer need to be right next to your printer in order to print. You are free to move around your home or office.

There’s just one limitation: you are still limited to printing to a nearby printer. But, what if you want to print to a remote printer? Then you need to embrace “Cloud Printing” and gain the ability to print long distance. Cloud printing means the printer itself is connected to an internet printing service that can receive print jobs and route them to the proper printer. It’s like an old-fashioned switchboard operator or fax network. You just need to know the printer’s identity. The biggest benefit of cloud printing is the ability to extend the reach of your message no matter where you happen to be. The only caveat is that your device needs access to the Internet.

Epson printers support three ways to Print Long Distance: Epson Email Print, Google Cloud Print and Epson Remote Print. I personally ranked them by how powerful they are. Here’s how each one works:

Epson Email Print

Email Print connects your printer to the Epson Connect server and provides it with a unique email address. This means you, or anyone who knows your printer’s email address, can send emails or attached files to print from anywhere. It works with any device that can send an email and supports Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files as well as PDF, JPG and TIF files. 

Google Cloud Print (GCP)

GCP connects the Epson printer to a Google server and can be accessed from your Chrome Browser or from a Chromebook. When you setup your printer, you will associate your printer with your GMail account allowing you to print emails and web pages with ease. It also allows you to “print” to Google Drive as well as to a FedEx Office location. It supports Chromebooks and any device with the Chrome Browser including Android devices, Apple iPads and iPhones, Windows and Mac computers and laptops.

Epson Remote Print

This is a print driver that you download onto your computer or laptop. During setup, you specify the printer’s email address and Remote Print will allow you to use “File>Print” from any software or application. It will then send the job to the Epson Connect server and route the print job using the printer’s email address. This is the most powerful “Print Long Distance” feature because it can be used not just with Microsoft Office, PDF, emails or web pages, but with any Windows or Mac OS application. It also gives you the most print options and control. Most importantly, it extends the reach of your computer or laptop where most of your work still gets done.

Let me know if which Remote Printing solution you use.

Photo: Shane Hansen/E+/Getty Images

Epson Joins The Mopria Alliance

Mopria_TM_Alliance_Pos_rgbEpson recently joined the Mopria Alliance, an association of printer and technology companies whose goal is to make mobile printing intuitively easy. In case you’re wondering, Mopria stands for Mobile PRInting Alliance.

Why Join Mopria?

The simple answer is that both Epson and Mopria see the need to make mobile printing both standardized and easy.

The complete answer is that the mobile market is much more complex and diverse than the PC market ever was. This diversity is illustrated by this question, “Have you ever wondered why the printing experience on your Windows or Mac computer is as easy as File>Print?”

Today, there are four major mobile operating systems (Apple iOS, Amazon Fire OS, Android and Windows) and even more device brands (Apple, Google, HTC, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, Sony to name a few). Add to that millions of Apps and the mobile user has a lot of choices. This is great thing because it fosters healthy competition, but makes it extremely difficult if you want a uniform mobile printing experience.

That’s why Epson is joining – to collaborate with the print industry to come up with standards that can cut through all this complexity and make mobile printing as easy as File>Print.

Who benefits?

Collaborating with other printer and mobile companies ultimately benefits you, the customer.  In a past post, I revealed how Epson Connect’s goal was to support mobile printing across the mobile market. Epson invests a lot of engineering resources to support Apple AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, Kindle Fire Printing, Email Print, and the iPrint App. Considering how fast the mobile market changes, the time and resource investment is hefty and continuous, while the sheer number of options makes it confusing for the mobile user. Mopria’s simplified printing vision will ultimately help clarify this confusion.

Another benefit is a possible revitalization of the printer market itself. If Epson and other printer companies can shift resources away from updating core print compatibility to keep up with system updates and instead invest more time and energy towards new printer innovation, the consumer also wins.

Finally, App developers and mobile operating systems will also benefit from time saved by supporting one standard for all printer brands while, at the same time, reducing the space required to support multiple printer drivers. We all know how important storage space is on our mobile devices.

What does this all mean?

It means that you, the mobile user, will begin seeing a more intuitive mobile printing experience spread to more mobile devices and operating systems. In the end, you’ll have one simple way to print regardless of what brand of mobile device, printer or operating system you’re using.

Of course, this print utopia won’t happen overnight. But the process is already starting with KitKat. Now that Android version 4.4 has its own print system that supports different printer drivers, a KitKat user will soon be able to download the Mopria plug-in (print driver) and begin to print to more than one brand of printer.

To find out more about how Mopria wants to help make mobile printing easier, please click HERE.

Valentine Video – The Hidden Story

Remote Romeo Blog Image

Last February, Epson introduced “Remote Romeo” on YouTube, inviting people to watch a short Valentine’s Day-themed video and tweet proposed responses to a philandering boyfriend’s (Romeo’s) attempt at relationship reconciliation. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out:

The goal for the video was two-fold: 1) Off-set the traditional product overview videos with a fun and whimsical approach to educating people about Epson’s products and how they impact people’s daily lives; and 2) Persuade our management team to create more out of the box content for social channels and beyond.

Here’s the hidden Remote Romeo story.

Remote…What? Romeo…Who?

As a marketer, this was my best Valentine’s Day ever because I had the executive approval and budget to move forward. I engaged a video production company that was eager to push the limits, offering several out of the box campaign ideas focused on sending the wrong picture to the wrong printer. And thus, the concept for Remote Romeo was born – one that I immediately loved for its humor and appeal to a younger audience.

Filming spanned the course of two days with a green screen for the Romeo scenes, using stock video footage of famous locations. The “Juliets” were filmed in a house with each actress setup in a different room – kudos to the location scout who found a home owner with such uniquely decorated bedrooms.

However, to my team’s dismay, Epson most certainly does not condone philandering boyfriends, and the first cut was met with immediate executive resistance. The consensus: “This is a video about how NOT to use Epson products!” Moreover, 1 out of 5 women who watched the video despised Romeo. Back to the drawing board we went, editing the final cut to feature fewer “Juliets” getting played and a unique and humorous, moral disclaimer – “Love and Print Responsibly.”

Remote Romeo Paves the Way

We were off and running with the final cut and then discussed expanding the scope of the campaign with a teaser video to invite viewers to finish the story on Twitter to create a deeper, more direct connection with the content. We received hundreds of Twitter submissions from people contributing to the epic love story with suggestions for Angela’s next move. Here are a few of the more clever responses:

– @EpsonAmerica She should tweet, “Romeo Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo? Deny thy cheating? Thy rose stinks! Juliet – OUT.” #EpsonConnect

– #EpsonConnect she should get a fake tattoo of someone else’s name and post it

– Angela should tell Romeo to order his pizza with a side of SINGLE next time! #EpsonConnect

Remote Romeo participation was overwhelmingly positive and garnered an industry shout out from the RealTime Report as a “Best of” social media Valentine’s campaign. Overall, it was a successful toe-dip for Epson that paved the way for creating new content with a sense of humor as a means to promote Epson’s brand and educate customers.

Oh, and have Happy (and Responsible) Valentine’s Day.