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Think It, Print It

One of the things I love about my smartphone is that it’s always with me. I joke with my wife that I talk more to my phone than I do to her. Lucky for me, she has a sense of humor and we’re still married. But having that much computing power at hand really has changed how I not only stay in touch, but also when and where I can be productive. It was the BlackBerry(R) phone that made it easy to not just talk, but also text and email 24/7. When the iPhone(R) and then Android (TM) devices were introduced, productivity became even more convenient and powerful as we moved beyond text-based to app-based mobile computing.

Printing from tablets and smartphones has followed a similar trajectory, especially when we introduced Epson Connect in 2011. That’s when new Epson printers became cloud-enabled, allowing you to easily print to a faraway printer for the very first time. No more looking for a nearby printer and trying to log onto the same wireless network. You now could be anywhere in the world and still be able to send documents and photos to an Epson printer for printing. You can now think it, and just as quickly print it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating for a 24 hour work day, but the power of smartphones and tablets let us stay productive when we need to or, more likely, when the opportunity arises. This way, you can be more efficient and make more time for what’s important. That was what we were trying to illustrate in the Epson Connect Overview video on our homepage. A busy married couple (she’s a realtor and he’s a corporate manager) getting things done while on-the-go so they have more time with the family or even more elusive, quality time with each other.

Some of the inspiration for this video came from my own experiences using my iPhone. For example, despite my best efforts, I can’t convince some of my relatives to join Facebook. Now, I can just email photos from my smartphone directly to their printers so they can keep and share memories of their grand kids even when they live hours away. Or, when I’m at home and suddenly remember something that I need printed (typically right after I get out of the shower), I can immediately send it from my iPhone and it will be waiting for me when I get into the office.

Even more inspiration came from Epson Connect customers and how they were able to Think It, Print It. One of my coworkers often carpools. If there’s traffic, she can make up some lost time by emailing her office printer with whatever she needs for her first meeting. She loves it because she can pick it up and go without even powering up her laptop. I also heard from a tech-savvy realtor that he replaced his fax number on his business card with his Epson printer’s email address. His customer’s no longer need use a fax machine to send and print documents. He also uses his Epson printer as a new To-Do List by forwarding his most important emails and attachments so that when he gets back to his desk, he knows exactly what he needs to work on first.

I’m always looking for new, inspiring examples that I can share with others and perhaps even put in my next video. So, how has Epson Connect allowed you to Think It, Print It? Whether you’re using Email Print, the iPrint App, or the Remote Print software, please let me know how mobile printing has changed your life and your productivity.

Photo source: Library of Congress

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