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Choosing A Wireless Printing Option

So, you’ve got a smartphone or tablet and you want to print from it. How do you get started?

Honestly, the hardest part of mobile printing is choosing the best method that works for you. Epson customers actually have eight different, albeit similarly sounding options. For example, how does one tell the difference between Airprint, Email Print, iPrint or Remote Print?

Our approach is partly to blame because we wanted to ensure that our customers could use any device (Android, Amazon, Apple, BlackBerry, Mac and Windows phones, tablets and computers) to print no matter where you are. The question is how to present all of the options without you having that “drinking from a firehose” feeling.

Our present Epson Connect website tackles the problem by aligning customer type (Home versus Business) with a specific solution. But, that’s not the only way. What if we organized the information, not by customer type, but by device instead?

Two Ways to Mobile Print

For the majority of mobile devices, there are two ways to mobile print: an easy way and a more powerful way.

The easy way uses one of two methods: either a) wireless printing technology that’s already integrated by the device manufacturer or b) Epson Email Print.

The more powerful way, which offers robust printing options, requires the additional step of downloading an App or software.

Take a look at the list below:

Android Smartphone or Tablet

Easy: Epson Email Print

More Powerful: Epson iPrint App

Amazon Kindle Fire (New 2013 models only such as the Fire HDX)

Easy: Amazon Printing

Apple iPhone, iPod or iPad

Easy: Apple AirPrint

More Powerful: Epson iPrint App

BlackBerry Phone / Tablet

Easy: Epson Email Print


Easy: Epson Email Print

More Powerful: Google Cloud Print

Mac Computer / Laptop (iMac, MacPro, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro)

Easy: Epson Email Print

More Powerful: Epson Remote Print

Windows Phones

Easy: Epson Email Print

Windows Surface, Surface 2 Tablets

Easy: Epson Email Print

More Powerful: Epson Print and Scan App

Windows Surface Pro 2 Tablet

Easy: Epson Email Print

More Powerful: Epson Remote Print

Windows Computers / Laptops

Easy: Epson Email Print

More Powerful: Epson Remote Print

 Does it help? If so, please share your experiences and how wireless printing changes the way you work.

Photo courtesy theilr via Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike Generic (CC-BY-SA 2.0) License.


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