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Valentine Video – The Hidden Story

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Last February, Epson introduced “Remote Romeo” on YouTube, inviting people to watch a short Valentine’s Day-themed video and tweet proposed responses to a philandering boyfriend’s (Romeo’s) attempt at relationship reconciliation. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out:

The goal for the video was two-fold: 1) Off-set the traditional product overview videos with a fun and whimsical approach to educating people about Epson’s products and how they impact people’s daily lives; and 2) Persuade our management team to create more out of the box content for social channels and beyond.

Here’s the hidden Remote Romeo story.

Remote…What? Romeo…Who?

As a marketer, this was my best Valentine’s Day ever because I had the executive approval and budget to move forward. I engaged a video production company that was eager to push the limits, offering several out of the box campaign ideas focused on sending the wrong picture to the wrong printer. And thus, the concept for Remote Romeo was born – one that I immediately loved for its humor and appeal to a younger audience.

Filming spanned the course of two days with a green screen for the Romeo scenes, using stock video footage of famous locations. The “Juliets” were filmed in a house with each actress setup in a different room – kudos to the location scout who found a home owner with such uniquely decorated bedrooms.

However, to my team’s dismay, Epson most certainly does not condone philandering boyfriends, and the first cut was met with immediate executive resistance. The consensus: “This is a video about how NOT to use Epson products!” Moreover, 1 out of 5 women who watched the video despised Romeo. Back to the drawing board we went, editing the final cut to feature fewer “Juliets” getting played and a unique and humorous, moral disclaimer – “Love and Print Responsibly.”

Remote Romeo Paves the Way

We were off and running with the final cut and then discussed expanding the scope of the campaign with a teaser video to invite viewers to finish the story on Twitter to create a deeper, more direct connection with the content. We received hundreds of Twitter submissions from people contributing to the epic love story with suggestions for Angela’s next move. Here are a few of the more clever responses:

– @EpsonAmerica She should tweet, “Romeo Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo? Deny thy cheating? Thy rose stinks! Juliet – OUT.” #EpsonConnect

– #EpsonConnect she should get a fake tattoo of someone else’s name and post it

– Angela should tell Romeo to order his pizza with a side of SINGLE next time! #EpsonConnect

Remote Romeo participation was overwhelmingly positive and garnered an industry shout out from the RealTime Report as a “Best of” social media Valentine’s campaign. Overall, it was a successful toe-dip for Epson that paved the way for creating new content with a sense of humor as a means to promote Epson’s brand and educate customers.

Oh, and have Happy (and Responsible) Valentine’s Day.

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