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Epson Joins The Mopria Alliance

Mopria_TM_Alliance_Pos_rgbEpson recently joined the Mopria Alliance, an association of printer and technology companies whose goal is to make mobile printing intuitively easy. In case you’re wondering, Mopria stands for Mobile PRInting Alliance.

Why Join Mopria?

The simple answer is that both Epson and Mopria see the need to make mobile printing both standardized and easy.

The complete answer is that the mobile market is much more complex and diverse than the PC market ever was. This diversity is illustrated by this question, “Have you ever wondered why the printing experience on your Windows or Mac computer is as easy as File>Print?”

Today, there are four major mobile operating systems (Apple iOS, Amazon Fire OS, Android and Windows) and even more device brands (Apple, Google, HTC, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, Sony to name a few). Add to that millions of Apps and the mobile user has a lot of choices. This is great thing because it fosters healthy competition, but makes it extremely difficult if you want a uniform mobile printing experience.

That’s why Epson is joining – to collaborate with the print industry to come up with standards that can cut through all this complexity and make mobile printing as easy as File>Print.

Who benefits?

Collaborating with other printer and mobile companies ultimately benefits you, the customer.  In a past post, I revealed how Epson Connect’s goal was to support mobile printing across the mobile market. Epson invests a lot of engineering resources to support Apple AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, Kindle Fire Printing, Email Print, and the iPrint App. Considering how fast the mobile market changes, the time and resource investment is hefty and continuous, while the sheer number of options makes it confusing for the mobile user. Mopria’s simplified printing vision will ultimately help clarify this confusion.

Another benefit is a possible revitalization of the printer market itself. If Epson and other printer companies can shift resources away from updating core print compatibility to keep up with system updates and instead invest more time and energy towards new printer innovation, the consumer also wins.

Finally, App developers and mobile operating systems will also benefit from time saved by supporting one standard for all printer brands while, at the same time, reducing the space required to support multiple printer drivers. We all know how important storage space is on our mobile devices.

What does this all mean?

It means that you, the mobile user, will begin seeing a more intuitive mobile printing experience spread to more mobile devices and operating systems. In the end, you’ll have one simple way to print regardless of what brand of mobile device, printer or operating system you’re using.

Of course, this print utopia won’t happen overnight. But the process is already starting with KitKat. Now that Android version 4.4 has its own print system that supports different printer drivers, a KitKat user will soon be able to download the Mopria plug-in (print driver) and begin to print to more than one brand of printer.

To find out more about how Mopria wants to help make mobile printing easier, please click HERE.


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