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Print Long Distance

switchboard_bwWhat does “Wireless Printing” mean to you? Most likely, it means the ability to print from your computer or mobile device without having to connect a USB or Ethernet cable. Wireless printing is also essential from a smartphone or tablet that does not have USB or Ethernet ports but relies on Wi-Fi technology instead. Mostly it’s really convenient because you no longer need to be right next to your printer in order to print. You are free to move around your home or office.

There’s just one limitation: you are still limited to printing to a nearby printer. But, what if you want to print to a remote printer? Then you need to embrace “Cloud Printing” and gain the ability to print long distance. Cloud printing means the printer itself is connected to an internet printing service that can receive print jobs and route them to the proper printer. It’s like an old-fashioned switchboard operator or fax network. You just need to know the printer’s identity. The biggest benefit of cloud printing is the ability to extend the reach of your message no matter where you happen to be. The only caveat is that your device needs access to the Internet.

Epson printers support three ways to Print Long Distance: Epson Email Print, Google Cloud Print and Epson Remote Print. I personally ranked them by how powerful they are. Here’s how each one works:

Epson Email Print

Email Print connects your printer to the Epson Connect server and provides it with a unique email address. This means you, or anyone who knows your printer’s email address, can send emails or attached files to print from anywhere. It works with any device that can send an email and supports Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files as well as PDF, JPG and TIF files. 

Google Cloud Print (GCP)

GCP connects the Epson printer to a Google server and can be accessed from your Chrome Browser or from a Chromebook. When you setup your printer, you will associate your printer with your GMail account allowing you to print emails and web pages with ease. It also allows you to “print” to Google Drive as well as to a FedEx Office location. It supports Chromebooks and any device with the Chrome Browser including Android devices, Apple iPads and iPhones, Windows and Mac computers and laptops.

Epson Remote Print

This is a print driver that you download onto your computer or laptop. During setup, you specify the printer’s email address and Remote Print will allow you to use “File>Print” from any software or application. It will then send the job to the Epson Connect server and route the print job using the printer’s email address. This is the most powerful “Print Long Distance” feature because it can be used not just with Microsoft Office, PDF, emails or web pages, but with any Windows or Mac OS application. It also gives you the most print options and control. Most importantly, it extends the reach of your computer or laptop where most of your work still gets done.

Let me know if which Remote Printing solution you use.

Photo: Shane Hansen/E+/Getty Images


  1. Ian says:

    EPSON CONNECT must support OneDrive and OneNote!!! When will this standard support be added! Amazed the only way you can get this to work now is through 3rd party hack email solutions. Not cool.

    • Patrick Chen says:


      If you’re referring to an Apple or Android tablet or smartphone, the Epson iPrint App already integrates Microsoft SkyDrive/OneDrive. So you don’t have to switch between OneDrive and iPrint. Though I did not mention it in this post. iPrint also supports Remote Print.

      Here’s how it works:

      1. Select a Printer from the top of the app
      2. Tap on the printer again
      3. Choose “Remote” printer selection
      4. Tap “Add” at the bottom of the screen
      5. Enter the email address of your destination Printer

      You’ve just setup a remote Epson printer.

      Now, I’m unsure whether it will work with OneNote. I honestly don’t use OneNote or EverNote extensively. So please let me know if this works for you.



  2. Daniel Yates says:

    The problem is in the scan settings on the printer itself. When you go to epson connect and select a destination there is no option for onedrive so you end up having to use the app to scan to the cloud.

    They clearly support onedrive so why is this not a choice on epson connect?

    • Patrick Chen says:

      Let me check into why Epson Connect doesn’t yet support OneDrive. The Epson Connect cloud service is a different group of engineers than the Epson Connect App group. It’s possible this is a licensing issue. But I will check.

      • gianluca gravina says:

        Any news on OneDrive integration among scan to cloud services for Epson connect ?

        Just wandering if there will be any chance to use that one, that is at least for me, my preferred cloud storage solution.



  3. miek says:

    any news on this? it’s been few months since last activity and still no OneDrive support??

  4. Thomas says:

    Same here.

    Onedrive is claimed supported on Epson “Scan-to-cloud” website, but when you get to the configuration part, no lock.

    The printer is really nice (WF-4640) but scan to OneDrive like scan to other online cloud services is really needed!


  5. Matt says:

    I agree, I have been waiting for the ability to use the “scan to cloud” feature with my OneDrive account, but still nothing. Now, the Epson website says you can, but there is no such option under my Epson Connect account. Why are they offering it, when you can not actually do it. Does anyone check to make sure this stuff works before they say it does?

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