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Epson Supports Android Printing


Android KitKat users − you can now print from your smartphone or tablet. That’s right, Android v4.4 has a built-in print system.

It’s called, wait for it… Android Printing.

So you weren’t really impressed with the name? Well, here’s why you’ll be impressed with how it works.

First, the fact that this is Android means a lot of users will now realize easy mobile printing. Gartner Research estimates that Android tablets are now currently 50% of the worldwide tablet sales (34% in the US) while Android phones are 57% of all smartphones sold (53% in the US). As more and more phones use v4.4 and later, the base of customers will grow very quickly.

Second, Printing on Android will be easier and more uniform than ever before. With previous versions, you had to download a separate print app from Google Play and then figure out how to get your content (photos, documents, emails) into this app and render it before printing. Unfortunately the results of rendering Office documents and PDFs were often very inconsistent. Rendering has now been greatly improved and standardized with Android Printing and Google will integrate it into their pre-installed apps such as Chrome, Drive, Gallery, Gmail, Photos and QuickOffice. Simply find the print option from the Action bar:

Android Printing Print Option

Third, Easy mobile printing will expand to other apps where your content is stored. Any Android developer can now incorporate Android Printing using standardized “APIs to add printing capabilities to their apps with minimal code changes” according to This means less steps, less taps and less time from when you view your content to when you can hit the print button.

How It Works

Android Printing allows print manufacturers like Epson to create its own “print service.” Our print service is called the “Epson Print Enabler” and allows you to print to Epson printers as far back as 2008. Check online to see a list of supported printer models.

You can download and install the Epson Print Enabler from Google Play and turn it on using the following steps:

Turn On Epson Print Enabler

Fast Forward

I’m looking forward to being able to print all sorts of content from the apps I download from Google Play. In fact, let me put out my own list and see how many of these apps incorporate Android Printing within next six months. I would love to print photos from Facebook, offers from, boarding passes from United, expense reports from Concur and documents from Box.

While I’m dreaming of a better world of easy and seamless printing. I wonder what will happen when Android really moves beyond just phones and tablets? Will Android Printing also expand to other devices such as Google Glass or Android watches?

Please let us know what apps or devices you would like to print from.



  1. Mike says:

    I have installed the variuos print enabler apps but my android 4.4 refuses to recognize my supported epson printer. I tried manual setup too but it will not find the printer. I also hooked the pad up to the printer via usb and it still will not recognize the printer. I have been trying to figure this out for 2 days and I am not happy with the difficulty in doing something as simple as printing.

    • Hi Mike, Sorry for the difficulty. Which make and model are you using? (ie: Samsung Galaxy Tab or Asus Nexus 7). Unfortunately with Android, each manufacturer is allowed to manipulate the operating system to their taste, so the manufacturer does something different with each version of Android. If you can let us know your make and model and hopefully we’ll be able to help you further. Thanks!

  2. Gena says:

    Hi I downloaded the print enabler app and it works for my emails. I had to uninstal dropbox but I can now print files. Thank you. But I cannot find how to print a picture. Can you advise me please. Thanks

  3. Charles says:

    How do I change the page size when trying to print out a spreadsheet. Your Epson print enabler automatically sets the page size and formats the output. I see no way to change that?


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