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Luminer Competes in the TLMI Annual Awards Competition

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The Tag and Label Manufacturers Institute’s annual label competition is known as the most prestigious in the industry. Knowing the high standards and great designs that my customers produce, I encouraged several of them to enter the competition this year.

I was very happy to hear that two of my customers entered this year, and Luminer Converting Group was one of them. Now that the deadline for entries has passed, the companies can reveal the unique qualities of the labels they entered in competition.

Dan Goldstein handles Luminer’s marketing, and he shared some background on one of their label entries this year.

“The customer wanted a specific polypropylene label stock, and gave us a sample label from an entirely different product,” Dan explained about the label they created for volumizing hair foam. “They wanted us to recreate this urban, gritty graphic imagery geared towards a younger demographic.” Luminer’s art department doesn’t usually create graphics from scratch, but this time it was necessary—and it took a lot of time and effort to get the look right.

“We designed the label to run on the Epson Surepress L-4033AW because the digital press was able to reproduce the vignettes on the labels with the graphic clarity we needed,” Dan said. “Even though the label artwork was meant to look ‘grungy’, for lack of a better term, we didn’t want it to look dirty as a result of the printing.”

Luminer prides itself on creating the best possible product for their customers, and for this label, graphics clarity was crucial, not just for the image but for the special effects designed into the label. “Fortunately, the Epson was able to reproduce it really well, and the customer was happy.”

Luminer entered a total of four labels into the TLMI competition this year. TLMI will be judging entries based on innovation and technical achievement, and prime labels are given a score based on four criteria for a maximum of 80 points. Winning entries will be displayed and the awards announced in October at the 2014 TLMI Annual Meeting held in Southern California. We wish Luminer the best of luck in the competition.

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