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Falling in Love With a New Twist on Family Cards

The Twins

Last year I received an adorable card for Valentine’s Day, and I’ll be honest: It wasn’t from my husband or kids. Don’t get me wrong—those were fantastic…even though they were a bit heavy on the glue and glitter.

But the aforementioned adorable card was a family photo card from my cousin, and its star was her beautiful 2-year-old daughter. Like most people, I’ve gotten tons of cards to celebrate the holidays and the new year from friends and families prominently featuring their twins, singletons and/or rescued pup, but this was my first family card to honor Valentine’s Day. I fell in love with the card, and not just because of the holiday.

My cousin is a busy working mom, as many of us are, and all her good intentions to send her usual family holiday card were derailed, thanks to long hours at work and a determined and debilitating flu-bug that her daughter brought home from preschool—not the holiday gift she was hoping for. Anyway, once everyone had recovered from the flu and returned to their normal routine, the holidays were long gone. While she briefly considered an “Appreciate Your Dragon” Day card (seriously, it’s January 16th), she ultimately decided to send out Valentine’s Day cards instead.

And since this was the only family Valentine’s card I received, it stood out. If it had been a holiday card, it would probably have gotten lost among the flood of cards usually sent during the holiday season and not been awarded primo positioning on our bulletin board, as it deserved.
I loved the idea so much that this year I—ahem—intentionally didn’t send out my traditional Happy New Year cards, so I can send Valentine’s Day cards this month. I perused all the recent photos on my iPhone, found the perfect one and have my cards ready to go, thanks to my XP-810 and photo cards.

Now, all I need are address labels and stamps, and I’m good to go. This 2014 it’s Valentine’s Day cards for all my friends and family! That is, unless my plans are sabotaged by one of the boys bringing home a “present” from kindergarten for me….

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