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DIY Wall Art: Q&A with Craft Hobbyist

I encounter a range of creative enthusiasts in my daily life – Mom’s with young kids who love the opportunity to creatively capture and share images of their little ones; crafters who carve time out of their busy schedules to pursue creative projects as a means of relaxation and artistic expression; and my personal favorite group (one I aspire to be part of one day), empty nesters and retirees who spend their new free time expressing their creativity through photos and design.

Their stories have inspired me to start a series that explores my community of craft peers who are passionate about photos. My goal is to share tips, ideas and how-tos for creating with photos to help inspire others.

Enter my first creative spotlight: Merritt, mom of two and self-proclaimed DIYer, explains an easy wall art project inspired by a family trip.

Q: What inspired your latest DIY project?

A: Last Mother’s Day my family surprised me with a trip to Carmel, CA – it was a full day of sand castles, rolling in the sand and amazingly warm weather. We returned home with a camera full of images that I wanted to display together as a memento of the day without using a typical multi-photo frame.

Q: What materials are needed for the project?

A: It’s a fun and easy project that requires just a few items for the photo display:

  • 4×4 inch mini square canvas panels (quantity depends on size and number of photos for display)
  • Glossy or semi-gloss photo paper and printer
  • Mod Podge® (choose satin or gloss finish)
  • Craft satin paint as accent color for canvas edges
  • Paint brush and scissors

Q: What are the steps for creating the canvas photo display project?

Step 1: Choose the photos and quantity of images that you’d like to display. A series of six or eight square panels works nicely arranged in either a horizontal or vertical pattern on the wall.

Step 2: Crop and size photos; print two square-sized photos on glossy or semi-gloss 8×10 inch paper. Make sure to choose the corresponding media type before printing. Trim final photos from full printed sheets.

Step 3: Paint all four sides of the canvas and approximately a 1-inch border of the top of the canvas panels with an accent color. Choose a color that accents the photo or room that you’re displaying the photos. Allow drying time and repeat as needed.

Step 4: Apply Mod Podge with a clean a paint brush to the top of the canvas panel and adhere a photo. Apply even strokes of Mod Podge to the top of the photo; allow drying time and repeat 3-4 times until desired surface is achieved.

Step 5: Hang the completed photo squares in a series on the desired wall in your home or office using adhesive mini hooks and enjoy.


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