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Scanning into Summer: Tips for Sharing and Organizing Children’s Artwork

Jaiden Gallery_FinalAs parents, we have the propensity to think that our child is likely to be the next Picasso or Matisse. While my children’s artwork may or may not adorn the walls of museums and galleries across the globe some day, currently it resides in heaping piles throughout my kitchen & dining room.  While I enjoy the memories that a project represents, it’s always a struggle to sort through them and choose the special pieces to share and display.

Now that school is out I wanted to look at what other parents and crafters have done with their kids’ art.  The following is a roundup of my favorite ideas for digitizing and saving school artwork, with the help of a scanner and printer:

  1. A Framed Collage:  It’s extremely hard for me to pick just one piece of school art to frame, which is why I love this idea by blogger Ms. Moth at Moth Design. By scanning and shrinking all of your favorite art projects that you’ve collected over the year, you can fit them into one large framed display.  After scanning a selection of projects you can arrange them digitally in the desired framing size and print one single glossy or semi-glossy page.  You can also have some fun with the frame color and style you use to color coordinate with rooms and other décor items in your home.
  1. The Noteworthy:  Seeing your child’s reaction to their work printed on mini photo cards is worth the work. Identify some of the more colorful pieces from your child’s collection of projects and consider scanning and printing them onto photo quality ink jet cards to turn them into personalized greeting cards for family and friends.  You can also have the kids help embellish the note cards by adding glitter, ribbon, tags or other fun items.
  1. It’s in the Bag: Need a reusable shopping bag?  Personalize your tote by printing your favorite scanned graphics directly onto iron-on transfer paper (Hint: choose the “Flip Horizontal” option on your print settings for a mirror image).  After printing the image, simply cut the graphics, leaving 1/4” of white space around the image and iron onto your bag.
  1. Digitizing Your Favorites: Epson’s blogger Jennifer St. James recently sat down with Sara Caputo, founder of Radiant Organizing + Productivity, to look at ways to digitally organize your content. The blog post looks at Evernote – a cloud-based service that allows you to collect, organize and access information when you need it. There are some tips for capturing photos and scans and uploading to Evernote that help you ensure artwork projects are conveniently accessible on your smartphone or tablet when you’re traveling or visiting with friends and family.

I’ll revisit this in a future post to dive in deeper on scanning and organizing, but in the meantime,  would love to hear from you on some of the interesting ways you’ve shared and organized your kid’s artwork.

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